Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-school Graduation

Starring Caleb Hampton, Lane Barger, and more!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Molly Ruth is 1 year old!

Molly, you are such a precious little girl. Maybe the happiest baby I have ever known. It's hard to believe it has been a whole year since March 30th, 2009 when you decided to make your appearance. We miss so many special moments, so I was very excited to get to give you your 1st birthday cake. We celebrated a little early here at Gramma's house when you came to visit. It was such a fun weekend. I don't think I ever heard you cry, well accept when it was nap time. You are just so full of life, you do not want to miss a single moment. It was so exciting to see you run through my dining room pushing your little wagon from Grumpy. I knew you would be walking and running on your own very soon. And then only a couple of days later, your Mommy posted a video of you getting up out of a little chair and taking off. You had decided it was time. Only time will tell, but I suspect that is going to be your life story. Doing things in Molly's time. Already, you are such an independent little thing! But you do still take time to give your Gramma cheek snuggles and I cherish those times so much. And Grumpy lights up when you investigate and pull his beard. I just want you to always know that you are loved so very much. Happy Birthday, little girl! We will see you soon! Gramma can't stay away too long. Find more pics here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Bond of Family

Even though each of us is different from each other in a lot of ways,
we have a bond that comes from belonging to our family and sharing the special feelings that only families can share......
It is a bond that links us together throughout all the experiences and changes we each go through,
a closeness that allows for our faults and misunderstandings as well as our best times together.
Each of us is a unique individual in his own right with a lot to offer the world, but somehow what we each bring into our family makes us one inseparable unit, loved and valued by all.

I don't know who originally wrote this, but I love it and hope as my grandchildren grow they will grasp this and always love and respect family, through good times and bad.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Catch Up!

Last weekend we had the Hollis Family Reunion. All of my family was together. It was great! I'm not sure what Molly was thinking above, but she was really checking out Grumpy's beard. It was a fun time for all. Check out additional photos here.

2009 Grandparent's Day

It seems like just yesterday, we were at East Montgomery School for Grandparent's Day when Kaelyn was just in kindergarden! I can't believe we are already there again for first grade! My KK is growing up too fast. Kaelyn was well represented by grandparents and great-grandparents today.

For Kaelyn, you are so loved by generations of family. I hope you will always be as proud to share your life with us as you were today. I'm so happy that you love school and are so eager to learn. You are beautiful and smart! I love you!

See more pictures here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just something to make you smile. Lane Barger (great-nephew) playing with Uncle Phillip (Grumpy).

Hot! Hot! Hot! at the Zoo

A very hot afternoon at the Nashville Zoo! But Reed, Kaelyn, and Caleb seemed to enjoy their time together despite the heat. Hopefully soon they will get to spend some more relaxing time together. It does my heart good to see all of my treasures together. I would even cook if it will get them all here together for just some free/play time! Our lives just seem to be too busy these days. See more zoo pics here. Wish Regina could have been along, also.